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  • Any number of participants can play at one time ( the more, the merrier!).
  • Minimum preparation is needed for you to raise thousands of dollars for your school or organization in one entertaining evening.

Perfect for schools... Parents Organization can hold a Family Trivia Night fund-raiser! Gets kids and adults working together with their brains in friendly team competition. School trivia rounds are well-balanced to be equally accessible for students age 12-up and their parents on the same team.

Teachers - WaddyaDoTheDayAfterATest? Start a new lesson on a Friday? No... Have an in-class Quiz Bowl with your students - easy to organize - play for any length of time. Stimulates educational values and team dynamics.

The book contains hundreds of party-ready rounds with immediate access to answers. No more turning book upside down or to page 149 for the answers!

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