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Q: Which type of coffee has more caffeine; light roast or dark roast? Why?

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Winners From Last Week:

Q: What was the Hindenburg disaster? When did it occur?

A: A German passenger Airship caught fire and was destroyed while trying to dock. This occurred on May 6, 1937

Rick Penny
Caseyville, IL
Celeste Chavez
El Paso
Neojames C. Miguel

Recent Trivia Questions
Q: Why is Archduke Franz Ferdinand significant? Bonus: Who killed him?
A: The death of Franz Ferdinand is largely considered to be what started World War I. He was killed by Gavrilo Princip.
Q: The Kingdom of Hyrule is the main setting in the series for WHAT major game?
A: The Legend of Zelda
Q: The two systems used to measure distance and weight are metric and _______? Bonus: What is the only industrialized country in the world that does not primarly use the metric system?
A: Imperial, Bonus: The United States
Q: Which man is the best selling musical artist of the 20th century? Which woman? Bonus: How many albums did each sell?
A: Elvis Presley 500 million albums. Mariah Carey total sales200 million albums.
Q: What is the difference between a Hurricane and a Tornado? How about a Tsnumi vs. a Tidal Wave?
A: Tornadoes form on land, Hurricanes on water. Tidal Waves are caused by gravity, a tsunami is caused by an earthquake, an eruption, or underwater land slide.

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