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Contest of the Week

Q: Liam Neeson plays a former government operative who's daughter is kidnapped in this iconic movie. What movie was it? Bonus: What city was his daughter kidnapped?

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Q: More soldiers died in this American war than in any other: A. World War I B. World War II C. The Civil War Bonus: What was the battle with the highest casualties of that war?

A: The Civil War with between 600-800,000 casualties ; Gettysburg with over 50,000 casualties

Nancy Ferro
Peoria, AZ
Rick Penny
Caseyville, IL
David Weinberg
Parkville, Maryland
Lee Anne Jarrett
Beech Island, SC
United States
Anna Chen
Nashville, TN
Garrett Boling
goodlettsville, Tennessee
United States
Seth York
Brooklyn, NY
John Whittington
Baton Rouge, LA
Sarah Phipps
Asheville, NC
Nick pettit
Becker mn
United states
Sandra Johnson
Norwood, MA
Erin Gass
Kenner, LA
Paul Cherry
Garland, Tx
Stewart anderson
Kernersville, n.c.
Tim Bob
Griffin, Georgia
Andrew Swails
Tiffin, IA
United States
New York, New York City
United States of America
Connor Joy
Lexington Park, Maryland
United States
Steve rose biscuit
Fernandina beach
United States of America
Kristen Owen
Denver, CO
William Jackson
Hobe Sound, Fl
sandy etler
mesa, az
jared moyer
birdsboro pa
jared moyer
birdsboro pa
Frank Edwards
United States
robert whittemore
United States
Julie Kingsley
Riverview, MI
jim kasemeyer
Zack Lombardi

Recent Trivia Questions
Q: In 1908 this vehicle made cars in the U.S. commonplace. What was it? Who Made it? Bonus: In 1984 this German inventor is credited with creating the first car ever; who is he?
A: Model T. Ford Motor Company. Karl Benz
Q: What animal 'Farrows'? Bonus: What is the male version of that animal called?
A: Pigs. A Boar.
Q: Chris Pratt recently starred in what Cosmic smash hit? Bonus: In what show does he star opposite Amy Poehler
A: Guardians of the Galaxy, Parks and Recreation
Q: What was the name of the virtual reality technology company purchased by Facebook in 2014? What was the price?
A: Occulus Rift, $2B
Q: What does humidity measure? How about Barometric pressure? How about
A: Humidity is a measurement of the amount of moisture in the air. Barometric pressure is the weight measured by the air and particles in the atmosphere.

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