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Contest of the Week

Q: A Squared + B Squared = C Squared is better known as the _______? Bonus: Where is the mathematician from whom this was named after?

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Winners From Last Week:

Q: What is significant about the number 9.81 m/s(Squared)?

A: It is the speed of gravity.

John Schreibmaier
Kresgeville, PA
Rick Penny
Caseyville, IL
george blaich
Poplar Bluff Mo
Paul white
Palm desert
United States
Cape Coral Fl
Rick Durham
Osprey Fla
Luke Schneider
Avon, Ohio
United States
Madison WI
Kevin Urban
Hoboken, NJ
Andrew King
Bayonne, New Jersey
United States of America
Frendlee Calvert
Elkview, WV
United States
John Craig
Huntington, WV
United States
Clinton, IA

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A: Fungi, some measuring thousands of square miles!
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A: Largest is generally considered the Great Dane Smallest is generally considered the Chihuahua

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