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1: What is the name of the Japanese art of paper-folding
2: A few questions about the "Man of Steel" a. What was Superman's name as a child? b. At which newspaper did Clark Kent work?
3: Some people called them adorable, others called them ugly. These children's play things took the country by storm in 1983. What were they?
4: Name the authors of each of these recent best-sellers: a. The Joy Luck Club b. Iron John: A Book About Men c. The Silence of the Lambs d. From Beirut to Jerusalem
5: This one time Ivory Soap box model starred in the X-rated film, Behind the Green Door. Who is it?
6: In 1978, a museum in West Germany spent $1.8 million to buy a single book. What was it?
7: Which British bacteriologist discovered penicillin in 1928 and won the 1945 Nobel Prize for his achievement?
8: This kind of grayish-white songbird is noted for its ability to mimic the sound of other birds, hence its name. What bird is this?
9: It was originally known as the President's Palace, President's House, or the Executive Mansion. What U.S. President officially named it the White House in 1901?
10: BONUS: Which major city lies on an island in the St. Lawrence River?
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