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1: This fictional character had an accident - he lost his seating on a lofty perch, and despite efforts by representatives of the local government, he could not be relieved of his injuries. Who was he?
2: In how many different ways can the opening pair of moves be made in a game of chess - one white move followed by one black move.
3: Of the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence, about two-thirds of these men were lawyers, judges, and merchants, but about ten of them had what down-to-earth vocation?
4: In which 1988 film starred Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman?
5: In China these noodle-dough dumplings are filled with meat and boiled in soup, and are called what?
6: BONUS 4: This country, with about 45 million inhabitants, is the one that lies farthest from San Francisco, about 10,500 air miles or 17,000 air km.?
7: What cruel and destructive tribe from western Asia conquered much of central and eastern Europe during the fifth century, and who was their king?
8: What well-known Sioux Indian led the defeat of what U.S. Lt. Colonel, at the 1876 Battle of LIttle Bighorn, located today in what state?
9: U.S. flags are to be used until they are worn out, and then they are destroyed, preferably by what method?
10: What 1851 novel, written by Herman Melville, begin with the words
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