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1: In which city are each of these people buried? a. Jim Morrison? b. Karl Marx? c. Charles Lindburgh? Which state?
2: What were the first and last names of the parents on the TV show Leave It to Beaver?
3: This British artist, a flower power pop icon in the 1960's, released his first album in 12 years in September, 1996. However, his entrance to the USA has been held up because of a marijuana bust more than 20 years ago. Who is he?
4: The racing days of one of most successful race horses of all time is slowly coming to an end. This 6-year old bay horse, recently had a 16 race winning streak (ended 9/96), and has earned more than $10 for its owner. Name?
5: If a rocket could fly from the earth to the sun at a speed of 1,000 km per hour, about how many years would the trip take?
6: What is the height of Niagara Falls?
7: They're all named Peter: a. Starred in Dr. Strangelove b. He sang Sledgehammer and Sock the Monkey c. Produced and Directed the Lord of the Rings films d. German-born, American artist famous for Cosmic 60's Art
8: According to a recent report, an estimated 5.5 million British people live abroad - almost 10% of the population. In what three foreign countries do most British reside?
9: The first aerial war photographs were taken from a balloon, during what war?
10: Fearing that young boys might not read a book written by a woman, her publishers demanded that she use two initials, rather than her full first name. Who is this successful writer?
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