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1: According to the Nielsen ratings, the highest rated TV show for the decade of the 1960's was a western series, and the highest rated TV show for the decade of the 1970's was a situation comedy series. Can you name them?
2: This 1990 autobiographical comedy was based on Carrie Fisher's journey through addiction, and her relationship with her Debbie Reynolds-type mother. What was the film title, and which actresses played the lead roles of mother and daughter in this film?
3: Which one of these countries is NOT part of Asia's Golden Triangle? Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, or Burma?
4: Which British bacteriologist discovered penicillin in 1928 and won the 1945 Nobel Prize for his achievement?
5: Including the current 2001 season, who have been the last three MVP's in the NBA?
6: There are about 9 million cubic miles of ice on Earth. Is most of it located at the North pole or the South pole?
7: Important to the study of chemistry, the large number 6 times 10 to the 23rd power represents the number of what, and is named for what Italian chemist and physicist?
8: This 1983 movie plot featured baby boomer ex-college friends who reunite after many years. What film, what college were they alum from?
9: How many major-league baseball teams are there?
10: BONUS: About 2000 years ago, the world
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