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1: According to a survey taken by AT&T, the average American changes residence how many times during a lifetime? - margin of error 2
2: Which country suffered the most deaths of military personnel in World War II?
3: Which Dutch navigator, in 1642, was the first European to discover Australia, New Zealand, and the Fiji Islands?
4: The number 4, raised to what power, equals 8?
5: For the last 25 years of his life, Howard Hughes was a recluse, and spent the last six years wasting away in a drug stupor, in which islands?
6: As early as the 5th century people played a game like soccer football; the ball was made from leather stuffed with what?
7: Co-starring with Barbra Streisand in her 1968 film debut, which exotic male actor played the role of Doctor Zhivago?
8: What actor won an Oscar, playing what boxer, in what 1980 movie?
9: In the list of artists who went insane is this French painter, admitted to an asylum in 1899, two years before his death. Who is he?
10: After water, what are the next two most widely consumed beverages in the world?
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