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1: Movie reviewers have referred to the film, Basic Instinct, as being misogynistic. What does that word mean?
2: Who was the prime minister for Great Britian during the 2001 Sept. 11 Attacks in the USA?
3: Some people consider Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 masterpiece, Psycho, the greatest suspense flick of all time. What character killed a woman in the famous shower scene, and which actor and actress played these roles?
4: What is the most descriptive name for a quadrilateral, three of whose angles consecutively measure 120, 110, 70, and 60 degrees?
5: The Bullfinch Pub in Boston is better known by what name?
6: Who was the first person to suggest Daylight Savings Times?
7: A major league baseball pitcher is allowed how many warm-up pitches between innings?
8: A farmer and his wife have exactly two children; either the first or 2nd child is known to be a boy. What
9: What man, born a Greek slave around 600 BC, became famous for his many fables?
10: The Winter Olympic Games have been held in Japan two times; in what two cities?
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