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1: How many US states west of the Mississippi River lie on the Canadian border?
2: In three words, describe: what is Liebfraumilch?
3: Judy Garland had two daughters in the entertainment business. Can you name them?
4: What animal is the larva of a butterfly or moth?
5: In 1989, Oliver Stone directed a film about real-life Vietam vet Ron Kovic, who enthusiastically joined the Marines and came back from Vietnam as a quadriplegic, only to endure hostility at home. What was the name of the film, and which actor played the r
6: How are Israeli postage stamps physically different from those of all other countries? (no relation to currency values...)
7: Marilyn Monroe died in 1962 at what age, of what reason?
8: Joshua went out to lunch and ordered shrimp cocktail which cost $7.95, a juicy T-Bone steak which cost $22.70, cherry cobbler which cost $4.79 and coffee that was $1.50. What was his total bill?
9: Animals characterized by a segmented spinal column are called vertebrates. In biology, there are five classes of vertebrates, one of which is mammal. What are the other four?
10: One of the primary stock market indicators is the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The stocks of how many companies makes up the Dow Jones Industrial Average?
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