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1: What country is located on both the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean?
2: The first college football game took place in 1869, between two colleges in New Jersey. Which two teams played this first game?
3: Can you use some of the letters ABCDEF, but not use any letter more than once, to form a five-letter word?
4: In 1914 President Woodrow Wilson denounced what material object as a symbol of "the arrogance of wealth"?
5: What is the only kind of deer whose females have antlers?
6: Last week in Philadelphia Roberto Rodriguez left the hospital, 3 1/2 months after being operated on to remove a tumor in his lung. This was one of the most unusual and delicate medical procedures ever performed. What was so unusual about Roberto's operati
7: Which English word meaning dirty, wretched, or repulsive comes from the Latin word for filthy?
8: Elvis Presley's first film, in 1956, was also the title of one of his first big musical hits. What was it?
9: Which TV journalist was the first female correspondent on the news program "60 Minutes"?
10: The title of what 1968 Beatles song contained six 2-letter words?
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