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1: Which of these countries represented the easternmost extent of the Greek empire of Alexander the Great and his forces conquered land eastward from Greece to what country? Was it Persia, India, or China?
2: In 1905, this woman opened her own architecture office in San Francisco. One year later, after the earthquake and fire of 1906, the interior of the Fairmont Hotel was rebuilt by her. Who was she?
3: During World War I, the allies, Britain, France, the USA primarily fought against Germany and which two major forces?
4: This 1984 rock and roll comedy, directed by Rob Reiner, was a satire on rock documentaries, and told the story of an over-the-hill British heavy metal band. Name this film.
5: What 1992 film drama starred Demi Moore, Tom Cruise, and Jack Nicholson?
6: Elvis Presley's hairstyle was named after a woman - the favorite mistress of Louis XV. What was it?
7: What does a taxonomist do?
8: The first American location to host the Winter Olympics did so in 1932 (3rd Winter Olympics), at what winter resort area along the water?
9: Identify four NFL teams named for states rather than cities.
10: Andy can swim one length of a pool in 20 seconds, Benji can swim one length in 30 seconds; if each swimmer begins at the same time, at opposite ends of the pool, moving at their normal rate, how long will it take until they meet?
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