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1: In 1492, the Spanish expelled all Jews from Spain, and also rescued the country from Moslem control. What was the last city in Spain controlled by the Moslems?
2: As you sit in your stopped car at a railroad crossing, a train travelling at 60 miles per hour takes twenty seconds to pass you. How many feet long is the train?
3: He ascended to the English throne in 1422, at the age of 9 months. During his reign, the War of the Roses occurred. He was a mild, honest, pious man, a patron of literature and the arts, and founder of Eton College. He was also mentally unstable, weak-wi
4: In 1955, the US launched the world's first nuclear-powered submarine. This ship was named after a sea animal with a spiral shell. What was the name of this ship?
5: Which French existentialist writer declined the 1957 Nobel Prize for literature?
6: In alphabetical order, what are the first three countries of the world?
7: Can you name four common sports beginning with the letter W?
8: They all start with Q: a. 4-letters, referring to an all terrain vehicle b. 5-letters, meaning a line c. 6-letters, a place in North America d. 7-letters, a Central American bird
9: Due to financial problems, General Motors, in 2009 and 2010, phased out what three car models?
10: Up to 17 feet in length, what venomous snake with a royal name expands the skin of its neck to form a flattened hood?
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