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1: What is the title of the 1986 film written by Nora Ephron, directed by Mike Nichols, and starring Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep?
2: This Motown recording artist was born in Detroit in 1943. She released her first song in 1961, and eventually went on to become one of the leading female singing stars of the early 1960's, with 10 top forty hits. She died of cancer in Los Angeles in July,
3: Which fictious family from television and the movies has the address 000 Cemetery Lane, Cemetery Ridge?
4: Can you name any common word with a double U?
5: A religious sacrament, an organism harboring a parasite, and Alex Trebec?
6: Which land animal has the longest gestation period, 650 days?
7: What two actors played basketball hustlers, and what actress played their Jeopardy-crazed girlfriend, in what 1992 film?
8: What movie character was named after the film cutter
9: Pi is defined as the ratio of what two measurements?
10: Her painted scenes of farm life had a childlike style, even though she had only begun to paint in her late seventies, when she was too old for farm work. Her real name was Anna Mary Robertson Moses, but she was better known by what name?
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