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1: A few questions about the "Man of Steel" a. What was Superman's name as a child? b. At which newspaper did Clark Kent work?
2: The city of Bratislava is the capital city of what new country?
3: When Captain James Cook discovered the Hawaiian Islands in 1778, he named them in honor of John Montagu, a British politician, who invented a certain kind of food. What name did Captain Cook give to Hawaii?
4: BONUS: Experts predict that by the year 2020 the average lifespan for women in industrialized countries will be how many years? (within 2)
5: In terms of annual basic salary, who is currently the highest paid state governor in the United States?
6: Tom Hanks won Best Actor Oscars in 1993 and 1994 for his roles in which films?
7: The decathlon consists of ten events, six of which are running and jumping; the other four make use of physical objects. What are they?
8: The current U.S. flag was adopted on July 4 of what year?
9: Identify the author of this fictional work related to the sea: The Old Man and the Sea
10: During the mid 20th century, most of the works of American painter Norman Rockwell appeared as cover illustrations for what magazine?
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