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1: Name the composer of each of these famous works of classical music: a. Moonlight Sonata b. Pictures at an Exhibition c. Pomp and Circumstance
2: It was first used in New York City in 1857, and the price was 50 for 500 sheets. What was it?
3: What company, producer of products worn primarily by men, was founded by men named Bradley, Voorhies, and Day?
4: Begun in 1992, which annual day is always celebrated in America on the 4th Thursday in April?
5: What 3 letter word can mean ... to get in, quickly, or to get out, quickly?
6: How many minutes long is each period in a game of professional ice hockey?
7: Scientists say that global warming, or climate change, is primarily caused by the increase in the atmosphere of what gas?
8: The important biomolecule, chlorophyll, helps plants to obtain energy from light by what process?
9: A jar contains 2 red balls and 2 blue balls. If you randomly pick two balls from the jar, what's the probability they will be of opposite colors?
10: The world's finest emeralds come from what country whose other major (legal) export is coffee?
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