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1: The classes in a school run from 8:15 a.m. until 3:06 P.M. . There are 8 class periods with 5 minutes passing time between classes. How long is each class period?
2: In 1980, the United Nations definited a word in the following manner: anyone who has been persecuted or who had a well-founded fear of persecution if he returned to his homeland. What was this word being defined?
3: Within 50% margin of error: how long does it take for blood to make a complete tour through the human body, from the time it leaves the heart until it returns?
4: Is Mike Tyson unbeatable? On February 10, 1990, in the heavyweight championship fight in Tokyo, this boxer knocked out Mike Tyson in the tenth round, the only fighter ever to defeat Tyson for the heavyweight boxing crown. Who was he?
5: In how many different ways could a basketball player score exactly 8 points in a game? (Combinations of foul shots, 2-pointers, and 3-pointers).
6: Which two countries in South America border neither the Atlantic nor the Pacific Ocean?
7: What was the Russian name for the first artificial satellite, launched in 1957?
8: What six states border Nebraska?
9: a. How many million dollars make a billion dollars? b. How many millions make a trillion?
10: The world
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