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Questions of the Week

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1: Goldfinger, archenemy of James Bond, plotted to invade what?

2: Between 1899 and 1902, in a far-away land at least 6,000 miles from Europe, the British and the Dutch fought a war. What was the name of this war?

3: Each of these begins with the letter B: a. Mountain range where Mt. Rushmore is located. b. Style of art, music, and architecture in the 17th century marked by extravagance and elaborateness.

4: The San Francisco 49'ers were 5-0 in Super Bowls led by what two quarterbacks?

5: A dog named Terry was paid $125 a week for his role in The Wizard of Oz, playing what character (and what name?)

6: Rocky weighs 136 pounds plus one-third of his weight. How much does he weigh?

7: Forced to to abdicate in 1918, Wilhelm II was the last German what?

8: For what Civil-War era novel (and later movie) with a one-word title did Toni Morrison win the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction?

9: What was the title of the 1953 play written about the Salem Witchcraft trials, and who was the author?

10: BONUS: Weighing 3 carats, the Strawn-Wagner Diamond, the only perfect diamond ever discovered, was located in 1990 in what U.S. state?

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