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Questions of the Week

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1: What is the name of the Japanese art of paper-folding

2: Around the middle of the 18th century, this Englishman wrote a book of rules and instructions for indoor games, especially card games. Who was he?

3: During the 1980's three Oscar-winning films contained the name of a person in the title. Name these films.

4: In 1995, Connie Chung was fired from her role as anchorperson on which news show?

5: Brazil borders all but two countries of South America. What are they?

6: This small item, designed to hold things together, was invented in 1858, and millions of millions of them have been sold ever since. What was it?

7: Which food item is named for a major port of northern Germany?

8: Who is the owner of the Atlanta Braves baseball team?

9: In what European city did what 25-year old artist complete what 5 meter tall masterpiece in 1504?

10: How much do you know about Switzerland... a. What's the capital city? b. What two rivers with almost identical names flow from Swiss mountains, one to the North Sea, one to the Mediterranean? c. Switzerland's favorite son is what athlete?

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