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Questions of the Week

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1: This American recording artist, still popular today after almost 25 years in the business, had big hits singing songs originally recorded by Sam Cooke (wonderful world), the Drifters (up on the roof), and Marvin Gaye (how sweet it is), among others. He re

2: All these events occurred in years ending with the digit, "5." Name the year. a. Civil War broke out between Christians and Moslems in Lebanon b. D.W. Griffith released his film, Birth of a Nation c. German scientist Wilhelm Roentgen discovered the X-

3: This barren plateau region of southern Spain is famous as the setting for Cervantes's Don Quixote. What's the name of this region?

4: It was ten years ago, 1986, that the Oscar for best director went to Oliver Stone, and his film won the Academy Award, also, for Best Film. What was the title?

5: It is said that global warming contributed this year for the first time to the occurrence of a certain weather phenomenon in the northern part of Alaska, common in every other state. What was it?

6: When her mother, Queen Juliana, abdicated the throne in 1980, her daughter, Beatrix, became Queen of what European country?

7: In the first century A.D., the Romans established a spa town on the site of three hot springs. During Elizabethan and Georgian times, this town of southwest England was a resort for the wealthy. Today it's a World Heritage Site. What city is this?

8: BONUS: What is the only African country that was never colonized by a foreign (European) country?

9: If you mix together the three primary colors in art, red, blue, and yellow, what color is formed?

10: In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee of the European Laboratory for Particle Physics in Switzerland developed a new technique for distributing information on the Internet, that became known as what?

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