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Questions of the Week

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1: If all the U.S. state capitals were listed in alphabetical order, the first and last on the list would be capitals of bordering states. Can you name them?

2: Which circus owner purchased the world famous elephant Jumbo on February 3, 1882?

3: What popular TV show was named after a singing voice?

4: Common table sugar comes primarily from which two plants?

5: What Los Angeles suburb is named for the Roman goddess of fruit and fruit trees? Is it Pomona, Glendora, or Pasadena?

6: The shell of what edible sea animal has a colorful, pearly interior?

7: MGM

8: Alias Pacman The Destroyer, he

9: Without a calculator: Sixteen, raised to the negative 3/4 power, equals what number?

10: Great Slave and Great Bear are two of the largest ... whats? ... in Canada?

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