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1: Although only five murders can be attributed for certain to this person, he is probably the most famous mass-murderer of all time. Who did this dirty work about 100 years ago in London?

2: The shortest French word with all five vowels is the word meaning bird. What is it?

3: As a result of patriotism during the Gulf War, in 1991 Whitney Houston had an unlikely musical hit when she recorded what song?

4: What are the top moviegoing countries? In term of number of viewers, the United States ranks third in the world, with 1 billion attendees at movies last year. What two countries exceeded the USA in film attendance?

5: Who were Richard Nixon's two Vice Presidents?

6: These two music artist were just inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as solo artists, even though both of them are already members of the Hall of Fame, one as part of a family music group, the other in a music duo. Who are these artists, one blac

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8: U.S. dollar is the official paper currency of what two Latin American nations?

9: Where on earth could you visit Queen Maud Land, American Highlands, and Marie Byrd Land?

10: What 2 bones run from the elbow down to the wrist?

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