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Questions of the Week

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1: One played NFL football, the other NBA basketball; today they are congressmen; someday one of them could be President of the United States. Who are they?

2: A television comedy with moderate ratings tripled its average viewership on the May 2, 1997 broadcast. Which show, what star, why?

3: His doctor gave him less than 50% chance of survival from cancer. He not only kicked the disease, but he won bicycle's Tour de France. Who was he?

4: Which has a higher rank: Duke or Earl?

5: He has purchased properties in London and Windsor, England, Nice, France, and Atlanta, Georgia. Vintage cars, designer clothes, jewels and flowers are among his passions. Who is this entertainer?

6: What is the exact diameter, in inches, of a hockey puck?

7: In what 1999 film did the young character say

8: In how many different ways can four odd counting numbers be added to equal a sum of ten? (repeating digits ok)?

9: After (Mandarin) Chinese, what are the world's three most commonly spoken languages?

10: What were Pixar's first two successful feature films, released in 1995 and 1998?

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