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Questions of the Week

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1: Female characters in novels or plays: a. James Bond's female enemy in Goldfinger? b. Tomboy heroine of Little Women: c. Hamlet's mother, and Claudius's wife:

2: What name is given to the darkest part of a shadow cast by the earth or moon during an eclipse?

3: Susan Sarandon was Oscar-nominated as best actress for her roles in which1991 and 1992 films?

4: On what island is the country of Haiti located?

5: The slowest-moving fish looks so interesting that it is represented in Greek mythology. What is it?

6: What is the square root of 729?

7: Ancient Romans thought this chemical element was water ice, permanently frozen after great lengths of time. They also knew of the ability of this substance to split light into a spectrum. What was it?

8: The highest denomination of paper money ever issued by the United States government was used only for transactions between the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department. What was the value?

9: What Greek mathematician is considered the father of plane geometry?

10: What two-nation empire dominated much of central Europe before World War I?

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