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Trivia Cafe Presents - Wide World of Trivia!
Introducing great new questions, available in all these categories:
Each 100-question set for $9.50 only.
Sent to you in ALL these formats:
Printable pdf Ready to go for your next trivia party! Answers are shown just beside the question for ease of access.
Text Files Questions and Answers. Unformatted designed for cut and paste.
Excel Files Includes fields for Question #, Question, Answer (can be imported into databases or opened as Google spreadsheet.)
Each of the sets will be sent to you as a ZIP archive,
containing three separate files in the formats above.
(Word document, Excel spreadsheed, plain text file)
Category Rounds:
(Click to View Sample)
Arts & Literature
(Click to View Sample)
Entertainment & Movies
(Click to View Sample)
Fun with Mathematics
(Click to View Sample)
Fun With Words
(Click to View Sample)
(Click to View Sample)
(Click to View Sample)
Money & Business
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(Click to View Sample)
(Click to View Sample)

Party Rounds:
Bonus Set for Brainiacs!
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General Knowledge Set
(Click to View Sample)
Pub Quiz Set 1
(Click to View Sample)
Pub Quiz Set 2
(Click to View Sample)
Quiz Bowl Set 1
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Quiz Bowl Set 2
(Click to View Sample)

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